Master Key Lock

A master key is a main key that is made to access a number of different locks that are not keyed the same. A well-planned master key system should certainly adapt to your business/organisation alterations which makes a master key a dynamic entity.

Apartment owners uses master keys to open each door of their rented apartments, wherein each tenant also have their own keys for their specific unit. That same key may also open the main door into their building or other common areas. Unlike Master keys, a tenant's specific key will not work on the lock of a different apartment unit.

Master key system is also an intricate system as it might require multiple master, grand master, and sub master keys. Masker key system is all you need when you want to possess only one key to access all doors in your home or commercial building.

Dependent upon your key holder, we're going to come up with the proper master key systems. Dial our number and get free of charge quotation. We are round the clock available to provide answers to all emergency calls regarding a locksmith service.